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Welcome to dexter_news, a newsletter for the new Showtime drama Dexter. Here you will find all the Dexter-related news we could scrounge up over a week's time.

What will the newsletter include?

Fic (het, slash, and gen)
Graphics (icons, headers, friends only banners, etc.)
New communities
Challenges and ficathons
Reaction posts
Pictures (screencaps, promo pictures, fan pictures, etc.)
Other multimedia
And more!

How will it work?

Once a week (most likely on Fridays or Saturdays), someone will gather up all the links they find that are Dexter-related. This means looking at Dexter communities, using LJ seek, searching Google...in short, using every tool available to find links. They will then organize the links and post them to this community for you to read at your leisure. Please bear in mind that if a link contains spoilers we will try to mark it as such, but we won't always be completely accurate. By clicking on any of the links we post, you're assuming full responsibility for being spoiled.

How can I help?

Right now, Dexter only has a small fanbase, which means that it will probably be easy for just one person to gather links once a week. However, if the fanbase grows, it may become too much for one person and other posters will be needed. Watch for a post requesting volunteers in the future.

The best way to help out is to offer links you've found or created yourself, which can be done by just commenting to the most recently posted newsletter. Sites off of LJ are welcome, so if you find a news article, create a fansite, or post a quiz, drop us a link!

What if I don't want my link added to the newsletter?

If you post about Dexter in any way, shape, or form, in a public entry, chances are we'll find it and add it. However, there are several ways you can avoid having your link added if you so desire. You can add a statement at the top or bottom of your post asking that your post not be passed on, and when we go trolling for links, we'll see it and respect it. You can post a comment to the newsletter pre-emptively, asking that if we come across anything with your username attached, we don't add it, and we'll respect that. If you see something of yours posted that you didn't want added, comment to that edition of the newsletter and we'll remove your link immediately.

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