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Edition 4
by dexterwatch (dexterwatch)
at December 14th, 2006 (09:25 pm)

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* Golden Globe Awards Nominations - Michael C. nominated for best actor in a drama series.
* Interview with Julie Benz - from mediavillage.com.
* Interview with David Zayas - from mediavillage.com.
* Cuban tune plays as Dexter carves -  from miami.com
* Fleshing out' dark Dexter drew Hall in - from usatoday.com
* Dexter is one of AFI's TV Programs of the Year Selections
* Super Women: Supernatural's Layla Rourke - interview with Julie Benz from sequentialtart.com
* An Interview with Julie Benz - from about.com - possible spoilers for the finale.
* Golden Globe for TV: shines and snubs from yahoo.com

* dextervids - for Dexter fanvids.

* End of Days. Dexter/Rudy. NC-17 - crown_of_ice

* Reactions to Michael C. Hall's nomination - at dd_dexter
* 1x10 Review by paratti
* 1x11 Review by jadehunter
* 1x11 Running Commentary by lafemmedarla
* 1x11 Review by electrcspacegrl
* 1x11 Review by thedirtyground
* 1x11 Review by paratti
* Mini Review by crossoverman - contains a spoilery mini-review for Torchwood as well.
* Warning about a huge 1x12 spoiler from this week's Ask Ausiello - comments contain spoilers.

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 12 icons on a multifandom icon post by the_morning_dew
* 21 icons on a multifandom post by gilkurtis
* 20 icons on a multifandom post by gilkurtis
* 10 icons by mi_nion
* 37 icons in a multifandom post by virtuosities
* 40 icons by _prisstina_
* 1 icon by mercurygrrl
* 1x11 screencaps by dexter_caps

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* 1x11 screencaps by the_grynne
* 1x11 screencaps by dexter_caps

* Dexter Friending Meme by quarterturn

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Edition 3
by dexterwatch (dexterwatch)
at December 8th, 2006 (09:31 pm)

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Hello, everyone! lafemmedarla speaking. quarterturn has left me in charge here at dexter_news. Hoping this is beginning of a long, happy run.

Now, there was a lot to catch on (did you know you can go back 900 entries?) and chances are, I may have missed something(s). Feel free to comment here and it shall be added to the next issue.

* 11th Annual Golden Satellite Awards announced - Dexter, Michael C. Hall and Julie Benz nominated.
* Blood Brother - Peter Krause reviews Dexter
* Outburst cinches Dexter role for Carpenter
* Heroism with a Twist?
* Michael C. Hall: Can Dexter Catch a (Fellow) Killer?
* Author Jeff Lindsay Talks About His Beloved Serial Killer Dexter
* Julie Benz to be featured tonight on Fangoria Radio
* HD Cinematography on Showtime's Dexter

* devon_graye - a fan community for the actor playing Teenage Dexter.
* dexterlims - Dexter Last Icon Maker Standing challenge.
* dexter_caps - Dexter Screecaps.

* Untitled (Gen. G) by sakikun
* Funny Valentine (Lucifer crossover. PG) by the_grynne
* Hell's Bells (Firefly crossover. PG) by the_grynne
* Wary (PG) by nightsideslayer

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GraphicsCollapse )

* Slice of life - fansite.
* Dexter Google Startpage

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Michael C. Hall and Julie Benz Pic!Spam
* Michael C. Hall scans from Entertaiment Weekly
* 106 Screencaps by the_grynne
* 108 Screencaps by the_grynne
* 109 Screencaps by the_grynne
* 110 Screencaps by the_grynne
* 110 Clip - Dexter and Paul

by dexterwatch (dexterwatch)
at December 6th, 2006 (11:30 pm)

Attention all members of dexter_news:

This is quarterturn. :) There were several offers to continue running the community when I asked, and I want to thank each one of you for offering your services.

lafemmedarla is the new owner of the community, and I think she'll do a wonderful job. I hope you'll all welcome her, and continue enjoying the community! :)

by dexterwatch (dexterwatch)
at December 2nd, 2006 (02:14 am)

To all members of dexter_news:

As much as I enjoy the idea of this community, real life has taken over more of my time than I had anticipated and I'm no longer going to be able to continue it.

However, if someone expresses interest in continuing it, I'd be happy to hand it over. There's already a hundred members and over a hundred and fifty watchers, so I think it'd be easier than creating a brand new newsletter for Dexter. You could feel free to keep the layout or change it, the community would be yours to do with what you wanted.

Comment here if you're interested, comments are screened. Thanks to everyone who's contributed and watched the community! :)

Edition 2
by dexterwatch (dexterwatch)
at October 29th, 2006 (08:23 am)

"Sympathy For the Devil" (10/13/06) from msnbc.com
"Dear Dexter, I Love You" from mediavillage.com

darklydexter - a fan community for anything Dexter-related

Writing/Icon Challenges
yuletide sign-ups are open - Dexter is an eligible fandom (please read the rules and FAQ before signing up)

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
11 icons by blue_orchidea
15 icons from 1x04 in a multifandom post by call_me_daisy
15 icons in a multifandom post by prettybutt
17 icons by login_unknow
4 icons by mercurygrrl
15 icons in a multifandom post by sharpest_rose
11 icons by mother
27 icons in a multifandom post by readywreadywit
30 icons by whaturmamasaid

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
536 caps (624x352) of 1x04 by the_grynne in cap_it
"Pig's Blood Music Video" (promo)
"Dexter Takes Life. Seriously." (promo)
"Stray Blood" (episode clip)
"Finger Tips" (episode clip)
Two clips from tonight's episode (1x05)
Podcast of Jeff Lindsay discussing Dexter (right click, save as)
Fan vid: "Make Lemonade" by chasarumba
Fan vid: "Cloud Connected" PG-13 by vaeltaa

Reactions/Reviews/DiscussionCollapse )

Blood Spatter 101
Artist Tim Sale's take on Dexter
Find the clues in the interactive Dexter game "Fast Forensics"
Short excerpts from Darkly Dreaming Dexter by vonbrigthi

Upcoming Schedule on Showtime - spoilery for episode 1x05 and 1x06 episode titlesCollapse )

Admin note: One of the most time-consuming tasks of this newletter is gathering episode reaction/review posts (and obviously I haven't had much time to do it this week.) I will continue to do it if there's interest, but I don't want to waste my time if people aren't utilizing the links. I know that in my own case, I very rarely, if ever, click on episode reaction/review links, especially when they're in a long list of other episode reaction/review links, and I get the feeling that's how it is for most people. So if you could fill out the poll under the cut as honestly as possible, it would be much appreciated. Feel free to discuss the topic further in the comments.

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hold me and watch the apocalypse [userpic]
Edition 1
by hold me and watch the apocalypse (quarterturn)
at October 22nd, 2006 (06:29 pm)

Note: Unfortunately I got behind on posting this, so there are a lot of links, and I even postponed including all of the reaction posts until the next edition. I'm putting some sections behind a cut to spare your friends page. Remember, feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

- Official Showtime site
- IMDB page
- Dexter on Myspace
- Dexter's page at metacritic.com
- Dexter's page on ifilm.com
- Dexter's page at wikipedia
- Dexter's page at tv.com
- Dexter's page on about.com
- Episode listings from thefutoncritic.com

News/ArticlesCollapse )

- "Second Thoughts" (Gen, R) by notquiteclever
- "Gaze Macabre" (Dresden Files crossover, Gen, G) by lozenger8
- "Meeting of the Minds" (CSI crossover, Gen, PG) by sam_storyteller

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
- 2 icons in a multifandom post by alithetulip
- 14 icons by blackcurrant
- 14 icons by call_me_daisy
- 6 icons by daniidebrabant
- 14 icons by daniidebrabant
- 7 icons in a multifandom post by elsmoka
- 18 icons by pourtant
- 1 icon by kennycreeper
- 6 icons by lilibel
- 12 icons by lilibel
- 11 icons by mother
- Full cast header, Julie Benz header in a multifandom post by concise
- Showtime wallpaper 1 (800x600)
- Showtime wallpaper 1 (1024x768)
- Showtime wallpaper 2 (800x600)
- Showtime wallpaper 2 (1024x768)
- Showtime wallpaper 3 (800x600)
- Showtime wallpaper 3 (1024x768)
- Showtime wallpaper 4 (800x600)
- Showtime wallpaper 4 (1024x768)
- 4 IM icons

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
- 1x01 picspam by the_grynne
- 588 caps (480x272) of 1x01 by the_grynn in cap_it
- 380 caps (480x272) of 1x02 by the_grynne in cap_it
- 66 caps (480x272) of the opening credits by the_grynne in cap_it
- 382 caps (480x272) of 1x03 by the_grynne in cap_it
- Podcast of Michael C. Hall (Click to save)
- Get Dexter on your mobile phone (watch clips, get wallpapers)
- Read the first chapter of Darkly Dreaming Dexter
- Watch the first two episodes online
- Summary and clips from episode 1
- Summary and clips from episode 2
- Behind the scenes
- Download episodes for $0.01 at Amazon
- Dexter: Forensic Scientist By Day (promo vid)
- Dexter: Serial Killer By Night (promo vid)
- The L Word Girls On Dexter (promo vid)
- Dr. Berman of 'Sexual Healing' on Dexter
- Dexter: Killer Cop (promo vid)
- Dexter: Think Like a Serial Killer (promo vid)
- Dexter: Morning Routine (opening credits)
- Subscribe to Showtime's Dexter podcasts by copying and pasting the following address into your favorite podcast application - http://sho.com/site/downloads/rss/dexter.xml

Reactions/ReviewsCollapse )

- 1x01 discussion thread by esthetic in ontd_discussion
- Discussion of the show on rue-morgue.com forums
- Discussion on forum.rpg.net forums
- Discusson on hometheaterforum.com forums
- Discussion on mediavillage.com forums
- Discussion on Rotten Tomatoes forums
- Discussion on chuckpalahniuk.net forums
- Discussion on xtremesystems.org forums
- Discussion at Gorillamask forums
- Discussion on the Soap Opera Network forums
- Discussion at slushfactory.com forums

- dd_dexter - a fan community
- sho_dexter - a fan community
- dexter_icons - for Dexter-related icons
- dexter_fanfic - for Dexter-related fic

- dear_multiverse (RPG) has a Dexter interacting with several other characters
- Read Dexter's victim files
- Character bios with links to actor bios
- Noting the differences between MCH's character on Six Feet Under and his character on Dexter by malackey
- Short discussion paralleling Dexter and the movie Hard Candy by twobitme

Thanks to Miss Gina, electrcspacegrl, shadowhuntress, quietus_x, and the_grynne for contributions. :)

hold me and watch the apocalypse [userpic]
Test post
by hold me and watch the apocalypse (quarterturn)
at October 9th, 2006 (05:07 am)

The first edition of the Dexter Newsletter will be posted here relatively soon. Feel free to comment with links to anything Dexter-related you'd like to see posted.

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