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Patricia [userpic]
Trying something new.
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at November 26th, 2007 (07:39 am)
current mood: working

This post is for reaction post links regarding episode 2.09, Resistance is Futile. If you wish for your reaction/discussion post about the ep to be featured on tomorrow's newsletter, leave a link here.

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 23
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at October 21st, 2007 (09:02 pm)
current mood: busy

New Dexter Tonight!

* Keith Carradine: From Serial Killer to Dexter Nemesis
* Sedgwick and Hall Play Butler's Game - New movie Role for Michael C. Hall.
* We're All Dexter
* ‘Dexter in the Dark’ continues ethical killer’s adventure
* * Michael C Hall short interview on People Magazine - scan by killerweasel

* ratzcrackers has a question regarding Rita on 2x01 and 2x03
* thunderemerald raves about Cuban Sandwhiches
* Discussuion posts for 2x03 at dd_dexter
* 2x03 Review by catalyst2
* 2x03 Review by selenak

* 24 icons by floating_icons
* 11 icons by floating_icons
* 10 icons by ibluemyself
* 45 Dexter and Jennifer Carpenter icons by elektricons
* 14 icons by the_geekery
* 6 icons by passing_girl
* 36 icons by sprig_muslim
* 30 icons by x_tangomecrazy
* 7 icons by dana_crimson
* 31 Dexter and Michael C Hall icons by x_tangomecrazy
* 12 icons by ms_scully_icons
* 12 2x03 icons by alexandral

* open road by phoenixgfawkes. Dexter/Deb. R.
* spatter by drunken_hedghog. Heroes Crossover. Dexter/Sylar. NC-17.
* Heroics by mwestbelle. Dexter/Rita. PG. AU.
* Another Second Chance by fractal_moonshi. Rita. OG. AU.
* The Devil You know by bank_farter. Deb/Laguerta. NC-17.
* They Call The Wind by _tallian_. Deb/Laguerta. NC-17.
* Life and Death in the Cereal Aisle. Supernatural Crossover. Dexter, Sam and Dean. G.
* And You Wanna Run by apckrfan. Rita. PG-13.
* Dexter Dissceted 1/? by stickfigurepeep. Book!Dexter. R.
* Just a Scratch by mwestbelle. Astor, Cody, Rita. G.

* 46 images from 2x02 (cast spoilers)
* Blood Brothers: A Dexter Morgan/Brian Moser Fan Mix by comewhatmay
* 2x04 Still Pictures
* 2x06 Still Pictures
* * boju posts some pictures of "corpse" props

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 22
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at September 30th, 2007 (08:06 pm)

current mood: flirty

DEXTER TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning: while I did mark certain articles as spoilerish, chances are I may have missed spoilers in other links. Proceed with caution.

* Michael C Hall Interview - Spoilers.
* Darkness still haunts 'Dexter' on Showtime - Spoilers.
* SHOWTIME Dyes for Dexter
* Broadway Scoundrel Carradine Joins New Season of Showtime's "Dexter" - Spoilers.
* View to a Kill
* Showtime Spills Red Blood in Fountains to Hype Dexter
* Cluster of dramas shot in arm to Showtime
* Killing us softly - Dexter in the Dark review.
* Dexter Veriety.com Review - Spoilers.
* Julie Benz talks about Dexter

* TVaholic.com Review - Spoilers.
* Watch with Kristin: Dexter's Back—and Still Bloody Amazing
* Tim Goodman: Review: 'Dexter' returns, this time with feeling - Spoilers.

* Untitled. by faithtastic. Deb/Laguerta. NC-17.

* 10 icons in a multifandom icon post by blackeyed_icons
* three Deb/Doakes icons in a multifandom icon post by everybody__lies
* 10 icons by last_archangel
* 1 wallpaper by minikitkatgirl
* 11 Friends Only Banners by agt_bush

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 21
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at September 18th, 2007 (08:49 pm)
current mood: artistic
current song: lee mead - new york new york

12 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download a Dexter widget to keep track here

Warning: while I did mark certain articles as spoilerish, chances are I may have missed spoilers in other links.

* The Official site has a new look
* Kristin's Spoiler Chat
* Series Official soundtrack now available
* Dexter Season 1 to be available on DirecTV
* The joke's on sitcoms as dramas get the laughs
* Interview with David Zayas
* 'Dexter' Writer Thought Actor Was Wrong for the Role
* Dexter takes home two Creative Emmys
* Jeff Linsdsay doing a signing on September 20th
* Dexter's Third Killing Spree Hits Book Stores
* 'Dexter' back for second season

* thunderemerald wants to know what people thinks of Dexter in the Dark - spoilers
* Season 1 DVD problems by recsforzombies

* 10 icons in a multifandom icon post by uncoolicons
* 1 Dexter/Deb Wallpaper by saira
* 6 icons in a multifandom post by impala_icons
* 3 wallpapers by pkgem
* 22 icons by sineh
* 36 icons by remember_nomore
* 21 icons by mouthfulofdust

* It All Comes Down to Blood (Dexter/Brian) R by shealynn88
* Till' Death Do Us Part (PG-13) Part 1  
* Anchor (Brian) PG-13 by vivider

* Dexter's Season 2 Poster
* The Girls Of Dexter - Seasons 1 and 2 Promo Pics. Includes Casting Spoilers for Season 2
* Finnish Promotional Posters
* Ad from UK Newspaper
* Frontier humanity - a fanvid by evenfers
* Dexter's Greatest Hits
* TV Guide scans - spoilers

* ccamargo - for fans of Christian Camargo.
* We Heart Dexter - InsaneJournal Asylum for Dexter fans.

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 20
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at July 31st, 2007 (06:34 pm)

current mood: chipper

Showtime is currently previewing the first two episodes of the season season at their site (US-only)

Again, we got spoilers pretty much everywhere! Proceed with caution.

* Dexter - Episode 7 & 8 Titles
* Episode 8 Details
* Dexter's Resurfacing E!Online's Season Two Plot Review.
* Michael C. Hall wins TV Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in Drama.
* Dexter now airing in France
* 'Dexter' No Longer Shooting in Miami
* List of Primetime Emmy Nominations - Dexter nominated in: Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series, Main Title Design and Original Main Title Theme Music.
* The problem with Emmy
* Digital Kitchen garners 2 EMMY nods

* Episode2x01 and 2x02 discussion at dd_dexter

* 65 Dexter icons by weapon_icons
* 9 icons by mawthekiller
* 44 icons by airings
* 10 icons by nina_87
* Empty Connections: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Dexter/OC. NC-17.

* Tiny Monsters by linaerys. Dexter, Deb. R.
* Carve me up (Before you go) by eviljr. Dexter, the Carver. Nip/Tuck crossover. R.

* Michael C Hall Interview and Season 2 Promos - thanks to imsorryimlost
* New Dexter Promo

Dexter UK - Spoiler Free Forum

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 19 - aka the Season Two Spoilery Edition of Doom
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at July 15th, 2007 (01:16 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: elvis presley - viva las vegas

Warning: Pretty much every bit of news in this edition has got plenty of plot/casting spoilers for Season 2. You've been warned.

* Ausiello Report: Showtime's Dexter Press Release
* Unprecedented results for launch campaign
* Television: 10 Emmy dark horses who deserve nominations
* Just a few of TV's finest dramatic actors
* A Man In Two Minds
* Is it so sick to love this psycho?
* This week we want to know all about ... The Dexter viral
* A way with all flesh
* Showtime Having Best Year Ever, CEO Says

* Promo Pics reaction thread at ohnotheydidnt
* Teaser reaction post by the_grynne
* Press Release reaction posy by the_grynne
* Teaser reaction thread at dd_dexter
* Promo Pictures reaction thread at dd_dexter

* 17 icons in a multifandom icons pot by clive_dunst
* 24 Dexter Morgan icons by michony_art
* 11 icons by iconomatopoeia

* forensics_itest - icontest for fiction forensics/investigative shows.

* FX UK's Official Dexter Site
* IceTruck.TV - Amusing bit of marketing by FX.

* Dexter Season 2 Promo
* Dexter and Doakes Montage
* Promo Pics for the first three episodes
* 2007 TCA Press Conference - Scroll down past the promo pics.

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 18
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at July 7th, 2007 (10:34 pm)

current mood: cold

UK airtimes

Dexter's first episode will air on UK's FX on the following times:

08/7 - 22:00 Sunday
10/7 - 22:00 - Tuesday
11/7 - 1:05 - Wednesday
13/7 - 23:00 - Friday

* Dexter Makes the Top Ten Emmy Conterders - Michael C Hall a contender for Best Actor in a Drama Series as well.
* 'Dexter' Expands Its Cast for Upcoming Season

* On The Side. PG. Dead Zone Crossover.

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 8 icons by call_me_daisy
* 20 icons by liesofmidnight

* Why You Must Watch Dexter Picspam by call_me_daisy

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 17
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at June 18th, 2007 (10:20 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: berlin - the metro

* Emmy Contender: Dexter
* 10 dramatic moments from the 2006-07 TV season
* TV series find ways to break the genre mold
* 'Dexter' Role Lures 'Hustle' Star
* Making a killing - Michael C Hall's Q&A

* Amy Awards Poll - Dexter is nominated as 7. If Only Amy Would Talk More About This Show (Best Show TV Gal Never Talks About)

* Will Dexter ever go too far? by stabbim

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 16
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at June 10th, 2007 (03:50 pm)

current mood: complacent
current song: ´john barrowman - proud of your boy

DVD News
* Dexter Season 1 DVD on pre-order at amazon.com - $27.99. Get it while you can, people.

* Emmy Contender: Julie Benz
* Michael C Hall wins Saturn Award
* Keith Carradine is hot on the trail in search of a serial killer in Showtime's Dexter * Northtown gets its star turn

* A Doll Wrapped in Plastic by mawthekiller. PG-13. Dexter and Darla. Dexter/Angel: the Series crossover.
* Damned if You Do...Damned, Period by shealynn88. R/NC-17. Dexter/Deb.

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 18 1.01 and 1.02 icons by idreamedmusic
* 18 1.03 and 1.04 icons by idreamedmusic
* 165 Dexter Morgan icons by spiritinyou
* 85 Dexter icons by spiritinyou
* 30 icons by ikoon
* 36 icons by malabar_menthe
* 26 icons by weapon_icons
* Mood Theme by ikoon
* 13 icons by nihil_icons
* 10 icons in a multifandom post by the_crapshack
* 85 icons by washizdarkbliss
* two wallpapers by smth_blue
* 20 icons by weapon_icons

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Edition 15
by dexterwatch (dexterwatch)
at May 8th, 2007 (08:18 pm)

current mood: tired

I've been a bad, bad poster. I know :(

And a happy belated birthday to Julie Benz!

* Dexter Season 1 DVD News! - mark your calendars for August 21st.
* Watch with Kristin has one tiny Dexter Spoiler
* Lauren Velez wins NAMIC Best Actress Award
* Julie Benz to play female lead in John Rambo movie

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 3 wallpapers by uglybusiness
* 11 "Born Free" icons by silver_venus42
* 1 wallpaper by eviljr
* 13 icons in a multifandom post by rednuages
* 18 icons on a multifandom post by flying_bedpan
* 5 icons in a multifandom post by the_crapshack
* 8 icons in a multifandom post by lucide_icons

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Keep Breathing - A deb character study by chasarumba

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 13
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at February 25th, 2007 (03:57 pm)

current mood: uncomfortable

* 33rd Annual Saturn Awards Nominations Announced - Dexter, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and James Remar nominated.

* Ties That Bind (Chapter 4: Table Manners) by kenandbarbie. NC-17. Dexter/"Rudy" (Slash), Referenced Dexter/Rita and Brian/Deb.
* Home. by missyvortexdv. K+. Dexter/River. Crossover with Firefly/Serenity
* Control by mask_of_glamour. PG. Dexter and Brian.

* caps_dexter

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 16 Dexter icons in a multifandom icon post by xxhouse_lovexx
* 6 icons and 2 wallpapers in a multifandom post by bunniesbunnies
* 12 Dexter icons in a multifandom post by art_in_disguise

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Michael C Hall Aventura Magazine Scans over at dexter-morgan.com
* imsorryimlost gives new links to his deleted fanvids here

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 12
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at February 11th, 2007 (07:56 pm)

current mood: touched
current song: elaine paige - bohemian rhapsody

* Deathly Desperate Dean by lightly. Dexter, Sam Winchester, Rita. R. Supernatural crossover.
* Flywheel Loose by apocalypsos. Dexter/Rudy. R.
* Control by mask_of_glamour. Dexter, Rudy. PG.

* Fun with continuity by chasarumba

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 6 icons in a multifandom post by chasarumba
* 15 icons in a multifandom post by newfangled_sock
* 5 icons in a multifandom post by erithegreat

* dexterial-killer.fr - French fansite.
* Dexter Online - Spanish Speaking faniste.
* dexter-morgan.com - Dexter/Michael C. Hall fansite.

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 11
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at February 3rd, 2007 (02:41 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: the decemberists - we both go down together

Happy Belated Birthday to Michael C Hall!

* 24th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival update - More guest panelist confirmed.
* Summary for Law And Order's "Church", airing February 9th - Julie Benz guest stars.

* Books vs TV by alazysod

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 13 icons by the_morning_dew
* 16 icons by auto

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Sick and Wrong: a Rudy Cooper fanmix by ratzcrackers
* Pics and vid of Michael C. Hall at the SAG Awards
* LOL, I'm going to kill you! - A Dexter morgan fanmix by taepodong_wins
* The Meaning of love: A Dexter/Rita fanvid by fahrbotdrusilla

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 10
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at January 28th, 2007 (08:29 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: tina turner - goldeneye

Don't forget to tune on the SAG Awards tonight! Team Michael C. Hall!

* Blurb and cover art for Dexter In The Dark.
* Julie Benz to guest star on Law and Order on February 2007
* 24th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival. - Michael C Hall confirmed as a panelist for Dexter

* Cross Bones Style. Dexter/Rudy, Dexter/John. R. Supernatural crossover.
* Darkly Dreaming by 1001cranes. Dexter, Hannibal Lecter. PG-13. Hannibal crossover.
* Happy new year, Dexter! by still_glorious. Teen Dexter. PG.
* Correlate by beachkid. Dexter/Rita. PG. Endless crossover.
* The Sound of his Wings by beachkid. Dexter, Deb. PG.
* Version 3.0 by beachkid. Dexter, Daniel. G. Endless crossover.
* My Favorite Monster and Me by beachkid. The Morgans. PG.
* Eleven by beachkid. Dexter, Deb, Brian. PG. Battlestar Galactica crossover.

* Dexter poll at thedailytvshow

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* Dexter Morgan fanart by cadet
* Dexter Morgan mood theme by ratzcrackers

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Michael C. Hall pics
* Michael C Hall's Golden Globes Interview
* E! news Showtime Pre-Golden Globes Gift House Showcase with Julie Benz video available for download at angel-us.com
* Sick and Wrong: a Rudy Cooper fanmix by ratzcrackers
* 13 icons by the_morning_dew
* Wonderwall: a Dexter/Rita fanvid by imsorryimlost

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 9
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at January 21st, 2007 (05:52 pm)
current mood: determined
current song: sara ramirez - colors of the wind

* Northward by sanguinary. PG-13. Dexter, Brian.
* Ties That Bind (Chapter 3: Dropping The Ball) by kenandbarbie. NC-17. Dexter/Rudy.

* Asking for Dexter/Hannibal Lecter fanfiction by staci_starseed
* A few questions regarding Dexter by 1001cranes
* Winners for thedailytvshow announced.
* buried6ftdeep asks if anyone has seen any movies featuring Christian Camargo
* Golden Globes discussion
* inkbrush76 gives one of the they've been enjoying the show so much.

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 17 general series icons in a multifandom post by gloomy_mind
* 23 1x01 icons by akerspaark
* 10 general series icons in a multifandom post by abigailmarissa
* 29 general series icons in a multifandom post by dana_crimson
* 5 general series icons in a multfandom post by elena_hepburn

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Vibrate by chasarumba. Dexter and the ITK.

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 8
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at January 14th, 2007 (07:36 pm)

current mood: tired

* Devil Caught Your Eyes by vegarin. Dexter, Deb, Harry. R.
* Ties That Bind (Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home) and Chapter 2: Under One Roof by kenandbarbie. NC-17. Dexter/Rudy. Referenced Dexter/Rita and Brian/Deb.

* Voting for the thedailytvshow Awards is up!
* Comparing Dexters by redinfinitary

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 15 icons by katecsi3
* 39 110-112 icons by virtuosities
* 6 icons and a mood theme by bl_graphics
* 4 Dexter/Julie Benz icons by totally_tinus
* 18 icons and 4 banners by megz33

* Blood Brothers - the Dexter/Rudy fanlisting.
* You're A Mean One, Mr. Shrink - fanlisting for episode 1.08, Shrink Wrap.

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Hold Back All My Dark: A Dexter/Rita fanmix by ratzcrackers
* Vid: Ramalama (Bang Bang) by kiki_miserychic. Dexter character study.
* Vid: Such Great Heights. Dexter/Rudy vid.
* Michael C Hall at the AFI Awards

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Patricia [userpic]
Edition 7
by Patricia (lafemmedarla)
at January 6th, 2007 (02:20 pm)

current mood: cold
current song: lea salonga - imagine

Happy New Year!

* Dexter coming to FX UK
* Serial Thrillers: Dexter, Hiro and other reasons we watched TV in 2006
* TV Squad's Best and Worst of 2006
* Dexter- A Great Way to "Kill" the Bland TV Competition
* In TV, Plot Twists Are Not All Written
* Heroes to a grateful nation of viewers
* The 5 most fascinating Asian male TV characters right now 1 2
* Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations announced - Michael C. Hall up for best actor in a drama series.

* thedailytvshow is taking nominations in their first annual TV poll.
* Would anyone be interested in any fannish activities while we wait for thr new season? by quarterturn

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 10 icons by cinnamontrail
* 10 1.12 icons by chasarumba
* 80 1.12 icons by florealpolla
* 11 1.12 icons by xjessica_faithx

* watch-dexter.com - fan forum

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Season One Picspam by call_me_daisy
* Aventura Magazine scans
* Dexter Season 1 Score by Daniel Licht
* Forensics game at Patricia Cornwell's site

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Edition 6
by dexterwatch (dexterwatch)
at December 27th, 2006 (09:04 pm)

current mood: tired

This week's issue brought to you a bit earlier as I'm leaving on a short trip tomorrow. Be good while I'm away.

* Time.com 10 Best TV Shows
* IGN.com presents the best of 2006 - Kudos for Dexter, Michael C. Hall and the ITK.
* Creator of 'Dexter' lives a charade of normalcy

* Dexter Fanfics for Yuletitude
* Five things that never happened to the Ice Truck Killer - PG. AU - sharpest_rose
* Five Things That Haven't Happened to Dexter Morgan (Yet) -  PG-13. AU - __marcelo
* Monsters. DC Comics Crossover. PG-13. - __marcelo
* Adaptive Algorithms. DC comics Crossover. PG-13. - __marcelo
* Where plans meet the enemy DC comics Crossover. PG-13. - __marcelo
* Therapeutic . Surprise Crossover. PG-13. - __marcelo
* Q&A. Harry. PG-13. - __marcelo
* Square one. PG. - __marcelo
* New Old Town Surprise Crossover. PG-13. - __marcelo
* Fake talk, Real talk PG-13. - __marcelo
* Pieces PG-13. - __marcelo
* Bloodless PG-13. - __marcelo
* Danse Macabre  PG-13. AU - __marcelo
* Monsters' Blood PG-13. AU - __marcelo
* Inside/Outside Prison Break Crossover. PG-13. - __marcelo
* Traps. Dexter, Rudy, Deb. PG-13. - __marcelo
* Penumbra. Dexter, Deb. PG-13. Post Born Free. - __marcelo
* Unseen Rudy. PG-13. Spoilers for Born Free. - __marcelo
* Seen. PG-13. - __marcelo

* Dexter meta: Captivating Company by selenak  - spoilers for the finale
* A very disjointed post about the first season of "Dexter" by therealjae  - spoilers for the finale
* A few questions regarding the finale by arielle_san
* What do you guys think we have to look forward to in season 2? by lullaby_blue  - spoilers for the finale
* Darkly Dreaming Dexter Review and a few thoughts on the show by xjessica_faithx  - spoilers for the finale
* Boxer or briefs? by sphinktor
* Questions regarding Dearly Devoted Dexter and Season Two by sphinktor
* What's your favorite Dexter episode, and why? by electrcspacegrl

Graphics (Icons, fanart, etc.)
* 51 Truth Be Told and Born Free icons by trunkofmycar
* 8 Born Free icons on a multifandom post by totally_tinus
* 15 icons, 2 wallpapers and one moodtheme by bl_graphics - spoilers for the finale

* Dysfuncional: The fanlisting for the series

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Blood Fugue by sockkpuppett - spoilers for the finale
* Dexter Fanmix by call_me_daisy - spoilers for the finale

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

Edition 5
by dexterwatch (dexterwatch)
at December 22nd, 2006 (08:32 pm)

current mood: cranky

I can't believe Season One is over *sniffs*

* Season finale bags better than 1 million viewers
* Showtime's "Dexter" slayed a lot of viewers in its Season 1 finale.
* Golden Sattelite Awards Announced - Julie Benz winner as Best Supporting actress for Dexter
* mini-interview with Christian Camargo - spoilers for the finale
* Showtime: The new 'must see tv'
* IGN Interview: Dexter's Julie Benz - spoilers for the finale

* Reaction to the last four episodes by linaerys
* 1x12 review by readywreadywit
* 1x12 review by mirsiri
* 1x12 review by jadehunter
* 1x12 running commentary by lafemmedarla
* 1x12 review by crossoverman
* 1x12 review and remarks on Season One by sphinktor
* 1x12 discussion at dd_dexter
* 1x12 review by thedirtyground
* 1x12 review by shadowhuntress

graphicsCollapse )

* Empty Inside - a Dexter Morgan fanlisting.

Media (Vids, pictures, music, etc.)
* Birdhouse in Your Soul by fahrbotdrusilla - spoilers for the finale
* 1x12 screencaps by the_grynne
* HQ Stills by banalust
* 1x12 screencaps by dexter_caps

Feel free to comment with links/additions for the next edition!

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